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Should We Salvage Water Birth’s? Are They Safe?

Should We Salvage Water Birth’s in the United States? by: Kristina Seymour, SBD CBI The topic of water birth has become controversial among birth professionals in the United States. A simple search on the internet will show that there are mixed emotions, statistics, and policies concerning water births from scientists, Obstetricians, Midwives, Doulas, Moms, and… Continue reading Should We Salvage Water Birth’s? Are They Safe?

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Don’t Doulas just do Natural?

Don’t Doulas just do natural? No. We do not. Doulas, should not be. It’s an unfortunate rift we find ourselves in professionally. The problems begin with this idea that “natural birth” means the same thing for everyone, and that “natural birth” is the right birth for everyone. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have… Continue reading Don’t Doulas just do Natural?


What I Learned from Elmer.

I’m taking the ProDoula challenge, and writing about a children’s book that teaches a life lesson. My favorite children’s book ever, is “Elmer”. “Elmer” is written by David McKee, and is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors. It was published in 1989, after revision of a previous version. The narrative is easy to understand, and has a… Continue reading What I Learned from Elmer.


Is Cord Blood Banking Right for your Family?

You have probably heard at some point about Cord Blood Banking. When you are preparing for a new baby, safety is a big concern. You buy the carseat, to keep them safe in a crash, a crib to keep them safe while they sleep, outlet covers, breathable bumpers, non-slip grips in the tub, and then… Continue reading Is Cord Blood Banking Right for your Family?

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Survival of Morning Sickness

by: Kristina Seymour, SBD and CBI trained   There is mixed emotions surrounding morning sickness during pregnancy. Some woman find comfort, reassurance that all is as it should be. However, many women find themselves spiraling into exhaustion, isolation, and fear that the sickness will never leave. There are some things you need to know about… Continue reading Survival of Morning Sickness